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Name Description Internal Flag
“KeyZ” z/⇧Z - zoom out/in KEY_ZOOM
“BracketLeft” [ - cycle through left hemisphere material KEY_CYCLE_LEFT
“BracketRight” ] - cycle through right hemisphere material KEY_CYCLE_RIGHT
“KeyK” k - cycling surface color type KEY_CYCLE_SURFACE_COLOR
“Period” . - choosing next electrodes KEY_CYCLE_ELECTRODES_NEXT
“Comma” , - choosing previous electrodes KEY_CYCLE_ELECTRODES_PREV
“KeyV” v - toggle electrode visibility KEY_CYCLE_ELEC_VISIBILITY
“KeyP” p - cycle through surfaces types KEY_CYCLE_SURFACE
“KeyM” ⇧M - change surface material types (lighting model) KEY_CYCLE_MATERIAL
“KeyL” l - cycle through voxel data such as atlases KEY_CYCLE_ATLAS
“KeyC” ⇧C - toggle coronal plane in main scene KEY_OVERLAY_CORONAL
“KeyA” ⇧A - toggle axial plane in main scene KEY_OVERLAY_AXIAL
“KeyS” ⇧S - toggle sagittal plane in main scene KEY_OVERLAY_SAGITTAL
“KeyE” q/⇧Q - move coronal forward/backward KEY_MOVE_CORONAL
“KeyQ” w/⇧W - move axial forward/backward KEY_MOVE_AXIAL
“KeyW” e/⇧E - move sagittal forward/backward KEY_MOVE_SAGITTAL
“KeyC” c - cycle through animation clips or values KEY_CYCLE_ANIMATION
“KeyS” s - play/pause timer KEY_TOGGLE_ANIMATION
“Digit1” 1/⇧1 - adjust electrode locations along Right/Left axis KEY_ADJUST_ELECTRODE_LOCATION_R
“Digit2” 2/⇧2 - adjust electrode locations along Anterior/Posterior axis KEY_ADJUST_ELECTRODE_LOCATION_A
“Digit3” 3/⇧3 - adjust electrode locations along Superior/Inferior axis KEY_ADJUST_ELECTRODE_LOCATION_S
  • The shortcut keys are only active when the mouse is on the main canvas (not controling GUI nor the side panel)
  • Hold Ctrl, Shift, or Alt and drag the brain if you want to fix the rotation axis
  • If you are using MacOSX, Alt key is equivalent to Option [⌥], and Ctrl is equivalent to Control [^]