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Package dipsaus provides add-ons to various packages such as shiny, rlang, future, etc. to enhance these packages. To install the package,

# To install the development package
# remotes::install_github('dipterix/dipsaus')

# To install from CRAN

dipsaus provides add-ons from the following perspectives:

1. Shiny Customized Widgets (Vignette)

  • compoundInput2 assembles any shiny native inputs and create variable-length input;
  • actionButtonStyled add styles to shiny default actionButton and its updating function can also update the styles or enable/disable the button;
  • sync_shiny_inputs synchronize among shiny inputs without causing dead-locks in UI changes;
  • set_shiny_input to set shiny input object;
  • flex_div to display elements with flex layout;
  • html_asis escapes string so that they will be displayed ‘as-is’ on websites;
  • progress2 shows shiny progress bar, but it also works without shiny;
  • shiny_is_running check if shiny is running;

2. Parallel Functions

  • collapse is a parallel solution to calculate sum/mean along arrays, providing 4x speed-ups for large arrays;
  • make_forked_clusters enables multicore (forked clusters) in future package even in RStudio environment;
  • baseline_array to baseline arrays in multicore;
  • shift_array to shift arrays along given dimensions;
  • lapply_async2 uses future package, but with progress bar either in console or in shiny apps;
  • fastcov2 calculates covariance matrices in parallel;
  • rs_exec starts a new R session or job in RStudio;

3. R Expressions (Vignette)

  • eval_dirty works as base::eval, but supports quosures generated from rlang::quo;
  • match_calls match calls in a nested manner, and support changing the call arguments recursively;
  • %?<-% assigns default values to left-hand object. E.g. a %?<-% 1 assigns a to be 1 if a is NULL or does not exist;
  • %=>% provides JavaScript-style of creating functions;
  • new_function2 creates new function with quasi-quotation;
  • mask_function2 modifies function and mask certain elements within a function;
  • capture_expr captures messages and always return results as one-line string;
  • forelse provides Python-like for-else syntax;
  • test_farg tests whether function contains desired arguments;

4. Utility Functions (Vignette)

  • check_installed_packages, package_installed checks if package(s) are installed;
  • col2hexStr convert color to hex strings that are friendly to HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
  • parse_svec converts a string into integer vectors, deparse_svec converts integer vectors back into a compact string;
  • drop_nulls removes invalid items within lists;
  • get_ram, mem_limit2 gets total RAM size as an alternatives for mem.limits in non-windows environment;
  • to_ram_size provides simple way to convert numbers to printable storage sizes in given units;
  • time_delta calculates time differences and returns a number in given units;
  • ask_yesno, ask_or_default interactively ask for user’s input either in console or in RStudio;
  • fastmap2 and fastqueue2 provides a wrapper of fastmap package, giving the object list-like operations;
  • shared_finalizer finalizes multiple elements when last element is garbage collected;
  • dev_create allows managing and grouping graphic devices;
  • print_directory_tree prints directory and containing files into tree-structures;
  • rs_* functions wrapping rstudioapi functions, but work without RStudio;
  • sexp_type2 get internal data type code;
  • to_datauri converts file to base64 formats.