Interactive MRI viewer - `threeBrain`

The package threeBrain generates fast, stable, interactive and easy to share 3D viewers for freesurfer and AFNI/SUMA files. It uses WebGL as the back-end engine to render 3D objects directly in web browser. The viewer is mainly implemented in JavaScript and R, with built-in support to be embedded into any websites, R-shiny applications, or can be downloaded as standalone widget ready to be shared across different platforms.

During the college, I took a computer graphics course because I thought it was the same as computer vision. It turned out that I was wrong. It was foreseeable that I didn’t score well in that class. However, computer graphics was so cool that I kept reshaping my final class project even after the graduation. After reading a news about WebGL, I realized how convenient and powerful it was. So I re-implemented my class project in three.js, which becomes the initial version of threeBrain.

Zhengjia Wang
PhD in Statistics

My research interests include functional data analysis, multiple testing problems, neuroscience, and high-performance computing.